Mission Critical Platforms

Platforms and Integrations in Mission-Critical Environments



Vivo is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian telecommunications market, with over 100 million customers in the country. Alongside Telefônica, it connects more than 357.5 million people in 17 countries.


Druid has provided a number of highly critical and scalable solutions for Vivo, including a corporate messaging platform that connects customers and partners, enabling them to create applications to send and receive SMS messages through Telefonica's network. Today the largest brokers and banks in the country use the platform, trafficking more than 1 billion messages per month (2,500 tps), with geographic and local redundancy. Another critical platform is a campaign management environment used primarily by VIVO's internal marketing area to communicate directly with its subscribers. In addition to the aforementioned solutions, a platform that is also very critical and is deployed in several states of Brazil, reaching about 30,000 tps, with the responsibility of charging offline and online data, SMS and MMS of all pre and post subscribers. postpaid from Brazil. All platforms above integrated with dozens of VIVO internal and external systems.


Vivo's mission-critical systems and platforms generate significant revenue for the operator, whether through contracts with customers and external partners or customer acquisition and conversion by the Marketing area.

Mission Critical Platforms