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TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) is one of the leading companies in the telecommunications market in Brazil. It currently offers internet, fixed and mobile telephony services to individuals and companies. According to the second quarter 2019 financial results, the company has 56.5 million customers in the mobile base. The company's 4G coverage is present in 3,321 municipalities in the country and its user base reaches 36.3 million customers.


Druid has developed a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to create, run and manage TIM's telecommunications network services. The goal was to provide a way to respond quickly to market demand for new services and content (Netflix, Facebook, Deezer, etc.), reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining services, and partner to broaden the range of services and content. offered from TIM. In addition, Druid also held API exposure for existing services in order to monetize (partner services, subscriptions, top ups, etc.) the company's assets.


Druid facilitated TIM's integration with its partners and the delivery of telecommunication services.

SDP Druid & API Gateway