Bradesco Software Factory

Platforms and Integrations in Mission-Critical Environments



Banco Bradesco is the financial institution with the largest number of clients in Brazil, around 44.5 million and about 100,000 employees. According to the consultancy Economática, Bradesco's market value corresponds to R $ 281 billion - and is the company that gained the most market value in 2019.


Druid has deployed a number of critical, scalable platforms with a large number of transactions and accesses, the most critical of which was the implementation of a new AMEX card processing platform that was previously deployed in the US Amex environment. A total of seven new systems were developed, as well as a Mainframe Integration Services (HP-MAS) hub. In addition to the Amex platform, Druid has also implemented a middleware (SOA service layer) used in card loyalty campaigns called directly by the bank's Internet Banking. Another platform implemented and used mainly by the bank's Credit Score area, as it contains all the business rules responsible for credit intelligence and customer scoring. The platform contains API exposure functionality, integration with internal and external services, and support for a very high number of transactions as it caters to all of the bank's stores and branches.


The projects promoted greater integration, optimization and reliability of Banco Bradesco's systems and activities.

Bradesco Software Factory