Customer Conversion




Oi is the largest fixed line operator and the fourth largest mobile operator in Brazil, and is also the third largest telecommunications company in South America. At the end of 2017, Oi's customer base consisted of 60 million customers.


Druid was responsible for developing a Customer Conversion platform from Oi Prepaid Plan to Oi Control Plan. The operation is simple: the Prepaid subscriber receives an SMS with the notification that his subscription is costing more than the Control Plan, alerting him that it would be more beneficial to change the category of contracted service. To implement the solution in the cloud, Druid used a variety of AWS Serverless features such as API Gateway, SQS, Lambda, among others.


The project developed by Druid has optimized Oi's customer portfolio and made the operator's service to the subscriber more efficient, giving it greater advantages and lower costs.

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