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Digital Acceleration



TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) is one of the leading companies in the telecommunications market in Brazil. It currently offers internet, fixed and mobile telephony services to individuals and companies. According to the second quarter 2019 financial results, the company has 56.5 million customers in the mobile base. The company's 4G coverage is present in 3,321 municipalities in the country and its user base reaches 36.3 million customers.


Druid has developed a TIM Mobile Mobile Phone Self-Activation portal. Basically, the customer who purchased the TIM chip at some point of sale is directed by the application to choose the service plan that it intends to activate. When the user inserts the chip in the phone, it is redirected by TIM's network to choose the plan and view available offers. After selecting the offer, the customer goes to the activation line of the line, with the possibility of recharging, payment by bank or credit card, and request for portability.


The Mobile portal that Druid has developed has made the business relationship between TIM and the user more agile, efficient and personalized. The process of becoming a TIM customer and choosing the most appropriate mobile service plan has become simpler. Previously, the new subscriber had to go to a TIM store to activate his new chip. Today is no longer necessary.

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